A Before and After Farmhouse Renovation

We recently renovated an old ranch hand’s home near our barn, and it was quite a job. This house had a rancher living there for over 50 years and lived a life well spent. Years after he passed, we began the renovation. We added a new roof and replaced all the old wood with new.

 Now for the interior of the home. We replaced the inside walls with new sustainable wood and durable flooring to give it a new modern farmhouse look. 


After renovating our old home, here are a few lessons learned:

  • Pre plan the entire project with all the details, budget, time, materials, contractors and plan extra in your budget for unexpected surprises
  • Plan on more time than you expect to renovate
  • Create a mood board for the interior of your home and add materials such as cabinet samples, countertop color and material, and paint chips so there are no surprises in the end.

Post Renovation:


 We added a few products from Warren Ranch and Home to enhance an already beautiful kitchen.


Find these kitchen tools and more under our Modern Farmhouse collection.

We recently had a wedding at our barn, the bride and her party had the entire house to get ready for her big day. This home will be here for years to come, and we'll enjoy it with all our family and friends for a very long time.

Happy Fall!