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Decorating Tips for Your Front Porch

Hi There, Last month I visited my friend in Naples, Florida and she gave me  great advice on decorating your front porch. She has these two large urns that are focal points in her entryway. For years, everything she planted whether they be  shrubs or plants, always ended up dying for some reason or another. She came up with an ingenious idea to add faux topiary plants she found at Frontgate. She has real dirt in the urns but now, they always look good no matter what the weather conditions are. She even added little fairy lights so at night they sparkle.   Well it looks like our masks are finally coming off and things are slowly getting back to...

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Refresh and Refine and Refurnish

                            Organizing, Refreshing and Refining your Home Refurnish, refresh and refine is what I want to accomplish in January. Start the new year right with putting away all your Christmas decorations in clear plastic bins and marked with the contents inside. Try using a label gun and print in  large block letters to help with labeling your bins. This way next Christmas, it will be easy to quickly identify the contents inside. The kitchen is the heart of any farmhouse home and one room that gets it fair share of wear during the holiday season. I like to reorganize my kitchen right after the New Year's. Let’s start...

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Decorating Two Tier Trays

  These two tiered metal trays are so popular right now. You can decorate them for any holiday( see below). I created several ones using most of my own decorations. My girlfriend Tracy has a cricut machine so she created some of the fun word expressions for me, thanks Tracy! These trays are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, holidays and all types of occasions. You can even personalize them! There is actually no right or wrong way to decorate, just have fun and add what you like.  Start with a particular theme, then decorate the trays into groups of three or five decor items ( odd numbers work best). Add fun gnomes, greenery, signs, ceramic dishes or cups etc. Also, include...

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