Christmas Farmhouse Decorating

Christmas Farmhouse Decorating

The Christmas season is here, and we all want our homes to be festive. To help get you into the spirit, we have some ideas for our unique farmhouse Christmas decorations.

Tabletop Decorations

We have a wide selection of tabletop decorations that will add the perfect touch to your home this holiday season. Choose from our line of handcrafted trees, mantle pieces, candleholders, and more. These items are all made of natural materials and good for the environment.


 Outdoor Christmas Garden Stakes

Make your front yard stand out with our outdoor gardening stakes. We have them in several different sizes so you can choose what works best for your needs. They are made out of rattan or natural wood planks and will look great in any yard or garden area!

 Christmas Village

We also offer a wide selection of sweet farmhouse metal village homes that add a special touch to any Christmas. The Christmas village collection come in several different styles including a barn design and Gramble home! Choose from our selection today!




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