How to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Home

Farmhouse Decor and Accessories

Adding Farmhouse Style to Your Home

I’ve been a farmhouse enthusiast for years, visited many antique shops and read many books on vintage and antique shopping. I have compiled what I think are the 20 top decorative accents to give your home a true farmhouse look.

*Farm animal decor 
*Wire baskets of all sizes 
*Enamelware especially pitchers and vases
*Wooden kitchen utensils 
*Galvanized pitchers and or jugs
*Vintage or new farm signs
*Chalk painted furniture especially white, grey or duck egg blue
*Antique clocks and scales
*Barnwood or whitewashed wood accents
*Mason jars of all sizes
*Vintage dishes
*Boxwood topiaries
*Distressed wooden candle holders
*Wooden bowls and cheeseboards
* Wicker baskets 
*Glass canisters
*Wooden ladders for towels or throws
*Open shelving
*Rustic metal accents 
*Fresh flowers

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