Refresh and Refine and Refurnish

                            Organizing, Refreshing and Refining your Home

Refurnish, refresh and refine is what I want to accomplish in January. Start the new year right with putting away all your Christmas decorations in clear plastic bins and marked with the contents inside. Try using a label gun and print in  large block letters to help with labeling your bins. This way next Christmas, it will be easy to quickly identify the contents inside.

The kitchen is the heart of any farmhouse home and one room that gets it fair share of wear during the holiday season. I like to reorganize my kitchen right after the New Year's. Let’s start with pantry items. Transfer pantry items such as sugar, flour, nuts, beans etc. into a clear canisters with airtight gasketed tops. Label each one with a label maker. This allows you to see  what is in each container; they're stackable, uniform, practical and work well in small spaces.


Now moving on to your kitchen counters. If you love to cook like I do, organize and sort your cooking utensils in a crock by material, such as all wooden spoons in one, all metal wire whisks, spatulas, tongs and or spoons in another. Only put in utensils you use on a daily basis, the rest can go in a utensil drawer.

I like to use baskets for adding my vinegars and oils and set it right next to my stove. Baskets can be used for all types of organization like spices, salt and pepper, anything you use on a daily basis.

Another room needing attention is the bathroom. Throw out your old and flimsy containers and try using eco friendly baskets for organizing cosmetics, creams, hair appliances and products, and packaged soaps. Or try them in your home office for a cozy,comfortable homey look. I use them to store my glasses, office accessories, phone, tape measure, clips etc. Lastly, use baskets in your great room or living room to organize your coffee table. Add magazines, tv remote controls, ipads etc. Believe me, you'll feel  so much calmer and happier when you have everything in it's own place.

Happy January!


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