January at the Ranch

January at the Ranch


Ah, January is here once again. New Year, new mindset. After the awful year we had with the pandemic, I’m looking to start January with a fresh perspective. Yes, things are still tough out there, but I’m determined to be a forward thinker and always look for the positive in things. January is a month for rejuvenation. I stored away my Christmas decorations, cleaned and organized the pantry, linen closets and now working with my husband on pruning our fig trees.

Let's Compost 
This year, I’m going to try my hand at composting. I bought a 38 gallon composter which I have in my backyard. I’m proud to say I was able to assemble it all by myself ( 56 screws and all) lol. I want to use the mix for my summer vegetable garden and see if I end up with a bountiful array of vegetables. I’ll update you monthly on my progress.
Backyard Composter
Healthy Living 
I’m also on a nutritional food kick (who isn’t), following the Mediterranean diet. I’m going to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, olive oil which I love, beans, wine, tuna, salmon and many types of fish and nuts. 
I'll be staying away from all processed foods (I anyways do although sometimes I get a craving for Chick- fil- A), dairy and will eat meat sparingly. I enjoy making nutritious soups in the winter and my current favorite is one based on a Sardinian recipe from a town where people live to be 100. See the link below for the recipe-


What's new at Warren Ranch and Home 

 I’m working on a new collection this spring of wonderful Cottage Country products. They're inspiring farmhouse items that take us back to the simpler days. Watch for my emails.

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