Kitchen Decor Style Tips

Kitchen Decor Style Tips

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February is the month to update your kitchen and make it look fresh and new. You can do this without spending a fortune. Whether its purchasing a new set of dishes, glassware or lighting , any new addition will make cooking much more enjoyable.


  • Changing out your kitchen faucet. 
  • Buy new hardware for your kitchen cabinets. 
  • Have your cabinets repainted, the result will look and feel like you have a brand-new kitchen.
  • Switch out you're lighting for a more current style. There are so many beautiful ones out there.
  • Try adding an indoor/outdoor rug runner for your kitchen. They look really great and so easy to clean.
  • Bringing in some new kitchen decor/accessories will give your countertop or island a fresh new look. Try these:


Produce Scale Cookbook Stand House Canister Set Twisted Serving Utensils 

Now on to baking..........  

To celebrate Valentine's, I made some yummy tasting cookies with a marbleized frosting. I found the recipe on the Food Network and have the link below for you. The technique takes a little time, but the result is so worth the effort. I love the ceramic measuring cups they're from Mudpie TM. They're easy to handle and the pouring spout helps avoid messy spills. Find them on my website.

And the finished product!

Happy Valentine's Day!



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