June, Summer Weddings, Upcycling and New Entertaining Pieces

June, Summer Weddings, Upcycling and New Entertaining Pieces

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for Summer?

I’m preparing for a long hot summer. We in California are experiencing a pretty extreme drought so we’re all trying to conserve water as much as possible.

We’ll be having another wedding at our barn this summer and I’ve been preparing for the big event since March. I planted some potted sunflowers, geraniums, lavender and rosemary as these plants are pretty much drought resistant and work well against our big brown barn.

One of my largest projects for the wedding which I just finished, is a chalk painted China cabinet. I picked up this piece at a local estate sale for $50.00. Great find! The bride wanted a eucalyptus color so I researched the closest color I could find, Waverly brand in a soft sage. I started with some light sanding using 220 grit sandpaper and a sander which made it go a little faster. I then cleaned the entire cabinet with Krud Kutter, it really does the heavy lifting in cleaning furniture. Next, I added a primer paint by KILZ from Home Depot (you can skip this step as its optional). I applied two coats of Waverly chalk paint mixed in with a little water as its pretty thick paint and lastly, rubbed a wax coating x2 with Behr wax. I learned that the best chalk paint brushes are from Annie Sloan-

Annie Sloan Paint Brush - MEDIUM OVAL (thepurplepaintedlady.com)

 And for the wax, I used a brush with an ergonomic handle, also from Home Depot. The wax goes on smoothly and evenly.

 Here are my before and after pictures-

 I also painted a ladder in the matching sage so the bride can add some pashmina shawls in case it gets cool during the evening. We are truly excited about the wedding and will be showing you pictures when the final day comes.

We just received some great round charcuterie boards, perfect for summer entertaining. Add some cheese utensils and veggie or fruit shaped dip bowls and you're good to go for any summer event.

Happy Summer!


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