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Vintage Wooden Cooking Utensils

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  • Set of 5 utensils, measures each: angled spoon 12",slotted spoon 13.5", smaller spoon 9", oblong spoon 12",spatula 12"
  • Preowned, found in Northern California
  • Nonstick, safe to use on hot surfaces, and will not scratch your cookware, especially on a non-stick pan or pot 
  • Wood tones may vary between utensils due to natural wood material and wood grain
  • Lightweight free of harmful chemicals, coating and laquers
  • Wooden Cooking Utensil Care Instructions: hand wash only with hot soapy water and dry with a soft towel. Do use not use bleach to clean or hard objects such as scouring or stainless steel pads to scrub.
  • To keep your utensils in good condition, add mineral oil regularly, let soak in overnight.